Buying Bikes off Craigslist

If you are ever looking to purchase a bicycle off Craigslist and are concerned whether or not it’s stolen, here are some pointers to avoid potentially stolen bikes.

Legit sellers have a tendency to write a detailed description or describe their sentimental attachment to the bike.

Otherwise, avoid posts that include the following:

1.       Lacks adequate description (seller doesn’t know any specs on the bike whatsoever).

2.       Picture quality is poor or does not show entire bike.

3.       Seller scrambles their phone # in the body text. Example, 5 Zero 3 Svn 6 Four 7 Eight 2 Five.

4.       Seller puts their actual address in the ad.

5.       The price is too good to be true. For example, decent bike is listed at $20.00, but should be in $150.00 range.

6.       Seller uses high pressure sales tactics or is rude.

7.       Ads with a high # of bikes is also a red flag, sometimes it may be a hobby for the person to collect and sell, just use good judgment. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t respond.